Monday, December 22, 2014

CNT 52 week Pick N' Mix ~ Gray & Distressed

Hello Dahlings!
Everybody ready for da Holidays?
Yeah right.
Da only thing with holiday cheer around my house are mah nails!
This week's Tart prompts are gray & distressed...
 I decided I needed me some candy canes.
from The Little Lacquer Bean &
da Candy Cane Stencil from She Sells Seashells.
Da polishes...
 2 eye blinding, blingtastic coats of Silver Bells
from The Devil Wears Polish.
 It's a silver holo & metallic silver glitter bomb!
I added one coat of Nightmare Before Christmas
da polish on da right side of da group pic
from The Devil Wears Polish
to my rings & thumbs for an accent
of pitted, decaying silver.
 This polish really is anything but fugly!
It's chock full of lil red, green, black & silver sparkly bits! purple sparkle snuck in to photobomb da pic
I used Anne Kathleen Alumina with da stencils
cuz I wanted gitd candy canes but alas,
even tho' da bottle is generously loaded with da gitd pigment
da small surface area I applied da polish to didn't allow for much glow.
They glowed in real life, just not enuf to capture da glow on da nail.
A full nail application will glow just dandy fine!
>^. .^<
Jazz, Luna & Ciri in da same pic & no food is present?
What is da world coming to? LOL
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& please go visit da other Tarts!
~ Inky

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mani for a Cuban Style Pig Roast!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have the mani I wore to a Cubanesque Pig Roast
da weekend after Turkey Day.
Mr Inky & a friend came up with da idea
& then da boys & da wives got busy.
I wanted fun nails, so I did this...

 Holographic, gitd & thermal nails!

I used Jaded Nail Co. A Little Spark of Madness on my ring & index
& Doctor Lacquer Royal Luxury on my pinky & middle.
 Most thermals will sit in either their warm or cold state in da bottle.
We keep our house on da cool side,
so I thought da colors showing in da bottles were da cold state
& I would get an interesting alternating color, reverse gradient effect.
RL was a wee bit on da thick side,
but both polishes worked just fine...

 ...except for da part where
they were both purple when cold & blue when warm.
I couldn't get a good warm color pic
cuz even after putting my paws under hot water
my cold fingers started shifting da colors back.
RL is a holo thermal that shifts from light blue when warm to lavender.
LSofM is a thermal gitd jelly with fine pink, purple & turquoise glitters.
It goes from a rich purple when cold to a vivid turquoise when warm.

I slapped on a coat of SH Dries Quickly then applied these
vinyl bits to make my alternating stripes.
This variety pack has 3 widths of stripes for you to play with
& I used da skinny ones on my pinkies,
da middle ones on my ring/middle/index
& da wide ones on my thumbs.
I find da vinyl so much easier than striping tape to use!

 I sealed da goodness in with a coat of Seche Vite
then went to play in da water.
These are my nail when mostly warm...
See? My cold hands would not warm up!

 ...and when cold.
Tho' my idea didn't work out quite how I had envisioned it,
I really liked these nails & was rather gratified
when a lady at da party grabbed my hand exclaiming
"Let me look at those nails!"
^.      .^
Da pics below are from da party.
If you tend to be a wee bit squeamish,
now would be da time to go do something else!

This is Mr Castro. He's hosting da festivities.
Da fire in front of him is da roasting box.
Kinda like a fire pit on wheels.

 This is da 60lb pig before it got itself roasted.
I got to see a new side of Mr Inky that night.
Imagine Santa massaging spice rub into those piggy butt cheeks...
got that image firmly entrenched into your brain?
Welcome to my world.
He did say it felt weird to be wearing gloves & massaging cold skin.
Uh huh. It took me 24 years to find out I had married a pork pervert.

Dinner is served.
My Inky brought home da head
& tried to make head cheese last Sunday.
You can thank me now for not taking pics of that process!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CNT 52 wk Pick N' Mix ~ Crinkly Tape & Glitter Topper

Hello Dahlings!
Are you pondering what da heck is crinkly tape?
Debbie defined it for us as:
regular ol' cello tape that has been cut with decorative craft scissors.
Alas, I'm a bit of a rebel & opted to do this using décor vinyl.
This is the same type of vinyl that is used
for nail art stencils & stickers.
You can find it in craft stores in da die cut machine section
near where da Cricket by Provocraft e-cutter is displayed
as it's sold by that company for use with their die cutter.
It comes in rolls in a small variety of colors.
More colors are available online & from other brands.
So I did this...
 I may or may not have made my glitter topper sections too wide.
I do like the effect of TDWP Santa Got Run Over By A Reindeer
from da Ugly Christmas Glitters (SGROBAR is da 3rd from da left)
None of these toppers are ugly
& da price for da set of 4 full size bottles is an awesome $25US!
 I started with 2 blingtastic coats of
from da Holiday Preview
This polish is sold out,
but there are still several fun holiday lacquers
for you to pick up on sale!
 Then took a pair of retire SU deco scissors in a torn (deckle) pattern
& used them to cut strips of white décor vinyl.
After a quick coat of SH Dries Quick did it's thang,
I applied piece of da vinyl down da sides of my nails,
except for my ring finger that got a strip of vinyl
that I had cut down both sides.
 A close up of mah ring finger nail.
You can see da demarcation line between da polishes
is ragged from da vinyl stencils I made.
So I guess this lil experiment worked!
>^. .^<
Meowmy? Why is Ciri on da table?
We not allowed on da table!
Thank you for tattling, Luna.
Thanks for stopping by
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~ Inky

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Monday Quickie for Y'all feat. Anonymous Lacquers!

Hello Dahlings!
So here I was thinking I was so on top of my shiz
cuz I had gotten my Tart's gray/distressed mani done for today.
Uh huh...that's next week's prompt. Blerg.
So I'll be posting this week's prompt
crinkle tape cut with craft scissors/glitter topper
later this week.
However, I couldn't let my dahling readers go without
something fantabulous on a Monday!
I recently ordered & promptly received 
a few of Mildred's Anonymous Lacquers
& since deciding which one to wear 1st was nigh on impossible...
 ...I went with wearing all of them!
Included as a thank you bonus
were these bling'd up lil masks just like the AL logo!
I use top coats I don't like to wear as actual top coats
to glue my bling on then use a liberal coat of Seche Vite
over, around & under da edges
of chunky bling to keep them attached.
So far I've only lost some larger flat studs using this method.
I discovered that After Party & Rainbows After Dark
are close in color value, thus da RAD stripes play peek-a-boo.
No matter to likey!
plus da Essence skinny striper I used to make my stripes.
All of Mildred's beauties go on buttery smooth!
 The holotastic-ness of After Party
is a wee bit of a challenge to capture in pics,
but trust moi when I tell you sunglasses are recommended!
Mildred is having a sale on all single bottles right NOW!
So get your Anonymous Lacquer beauties before they're sold out!
>^. .^< you flirtings wif me?
Das ok cuz I luvs you!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Fun with The Devil Wears Polish featuring She Sells Seashells & Cutting Edge!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have da other 2 polishes from
embellished with fun stuff from
 Winter fun on mah nails!
 I started with 2 buttery smooth coats of Space Oddity
 Look at all da sparklies hiding in there!
Alas, this beauty is currently sold out,
but don't despair, it could come back in da new year.
 I used da stencils from both da Penguin Stickers/Stencils 
& Snowflake Stencil/Stickers to make da shadow images
plus da silver side of da Gold Snowflake Embellishments
 I used More Spiders From Mars with da stencils.
This deceptive beauty is described as a black holo,
but it shows as a midnight blue in some lighting!
I use a LED desk lamp for my holo pics
& it really brought out da blue in this polish.
 Rainbows in da inky darkness!
 I also used these silver holo penguins
sent to me by da lovely Sara at Cutting Edge Polish
as a bonus goodie with my recent order.
They aren't listed in her shop,
but she has lots of fun stuff for you to choose from!
 My thumb matched my ring finger
& it had room for 3 lil penguins to play.
Da edges of both da metal snowflakes & da penguins
had da potential to be a wee bit pokey,
so I added a coat of Gelous 
before adding a thicker than usual coat of Seche Vite.
While I don't call this mani a fail,
I'm not sure it's an A+ either.
Maybe a C+ or B-?
>^. .^<
Meh...I gonna nap.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holo top Coat Comparison!

Hello Dahlings!

A week or so ago I pondered doing a holo top coat comparison.
I decided to go for it as I'd collected a few more polishes
that claimed to be holo toppers since da last comp I did.

 I started with 2 coats of American Apparel Neon Violet.

 I then used French tip stencils
to add various arcs of Sally Hansen Night Fright
I then added a quick coat of SH Dries Instantly & ate dinner.
For dessert I used one coat of each topper
over da base colors for this comparison.
I'm evaluating strength of rainbow,
silvering & shifting of the base colors.

 Left hand line up ~ Born Pretty Store Holographic #1,
Cutting Edge Polish Ocean Pearl

index ~ Holo-y Goodness adds nice gentle rainbows
without silvering the colors too much
middle ~ alas, Ocean Pearl isn't really a topper
& I don't know how many coats
it would take to build to opacity
ring ~ Leather & Lace adds good rainbows w/o much silvering
I just wish there wasn't so much melodrama around this brand.
pinky ~ BPS #1 adds a bit more silver to da base colors,
but it isn't a bad holo tc.
The price of this lil 6ml bottle however,
makes it only a good buy if it's on sale.

 Right hand line up ~ Glitzkrieg War Paint Sequin (link unavailable),

pinky ~ Sequins was listed as a topper,
but it silvers the base color more than I like
tho' da rainbows is strong.
ring ~ My Private Rainbow (L) has da weakest rainbow,
but it doesn't silver or shift the base
& a 2nd coat can be added for a stronger rainbow
w/o silvering or shifting da base color much.
middle ~ Frosty Snot has been my go to holo tc
since I got it as a Black Friday ordering bonus last year.
I love the name & it adds nice rainbows w/o too much silvering.
It's da standard by which I judge all other holo tcs.
index ~ Diamond is a weird polish.
It's too silver to be used as a topper,
but too sheer to worn alone
unless one is willing to wear 4+ coats.
Blerg. Maybe I need to franken this?

Of da polishes still available,
I recommend da following in order of
best rainbows, non-silvering or base color changing:
I still have a small hope
that Jenna will re-release Frosty Snot at some point,
but until then there are other good holo toppers available.
>^. .^<
A black cat comparison for y'all!
 Luna da Hutt on da left, Ziggy Bear on da right
& Jazz in da back.
All are fat black cats,
but Luna is da fattest,
Ziggy's tail is kinky & his fangs show
& Jazz has 3 white markings.
Ziggy loves his momma & grooms her every day!
He also grooms his sister, Jazz, when she lets him.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, December 8, 2014

CNT 52 wk Pick N' Mix ~ Chevrons/Red & Gold

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tarts are doing chevrons on their nails
along with using red & gold polish.
I did this...
 This mani was fun, easy & even a bit holiday-ish!
 I started with 2 molten coats of The Devil Wears Polish
Oh! You Pretty Things from da Ziggy Stardust Collex.
TDWP is currently under construction while Tami updates stuff.
to make my chevrons & pointy funky French tips. 
 I used Lady Stardust,
also from da Ziggy Stardust collex,
to paint the actual chevrons.
>^. .^<
I gonna just nap here on da window sill.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go visit da other Tarts!
~ Inky