Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Simples Week 11 ~ Gradient

Hello Dahlings!
Yes, I'm a bit behind this week.
Between procrastinating over stamp camp prep
& my teeth giving me a hard time,
I just haven't felt like doing much at all.
I've even felt too guilty & in pain to paint my nails!
(oh da horrors!)
But I did get this week's Simples assignment done
& I have started on my prep.
(after getting this posted I'll be sitting down
to a 6+ hour Netflix marathon of movies
while I cut cardstock until either my hands fall off
or I get all 4 cards done. It could happen!)
On to da nails!
For week 11, Debbie has us doing Gradients.
She made this awesome TUTORIAL VIDEO
where she shows us how to do gradients 5 different ways!
Yet, with all this new technique info available
I did mine da same way I always do
cuz I just wasn't up thinking all that much.
 I did okay, all things considered.
I went with da basic rainbow thing using red, yellow & blue
in the hope that they'd blend enuf to make all da colors.
I needed to bounce more but my bouncer was too tired.
& Cranberry Crush along with da bit of cosmetic sponge I used
held in reverse grip tweezers.
(all 3 are from da Fall Preview Collection)
I trim my sponges down to pieces that are about 1/4" wide
by a little less than da length of my ring finger nail.
This gives me room to bounce up & down da nail as well as side to side
without making a big ole mess on da skin around da nail.

 This is 2 easy peasy nice & easy coats of Cornucopia
It has these itty bitty flecks of pinkish purple
that my camera refused to see
but it gives this lovely warm gold a bit of flash
along with da subtle rainbow.

 Sun pic!
Tho' getting sun pics when wearing holos is a good thing,
I've never liked my pics with my palm showing,
but I don't always have something suitable on hand to hold.
So I took a piece of self-adhesive black felt
& wrapped it around an empty TP tube
that I flattened into a long oval shape
that fits under my fingers nicely
& gives me a backdrop for sun pic manis.
Not my best gradient ever, but it does da job.
>^. .^<

 Hi Meowmy!

I'se gonna nap now.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish ~ No More Butterflies!

Hello Dahlings!
This is it!
Da post you've been waiting for
 You're gazing adoringly upon 2 luscious light teal layers w/o tc.
Look at that color!
Look at those rainbows!
This LE charity beauty is still available!
It's only $12US with $2 going to TEF No More Butterflies program
plus NO SHIPPING in da USA!!!
Deets on da polish & links for da The Epilepsy Foundation
I had to add some butterflies to this mani...
...& a butterfly busting love fairy!
The Epilepsy Foundation
helps kids with epilepsy & their families
feel better about going to school
by teaching da school staff
how to best help a person having a seizure.
This helps give peace of mind to both
da kids & their families!
 I had to get a sun pic while da getting was good...
...and yeah, they gitd!
You have to join da The Devil Wears Polish FB group
to order this yummy polish & Tami's other drool worth pretties
You know you want this polish!
What are you waiting for?
won't be available much longer!
>^. .^<
I'm not sure what da ottoman did to Ciri...
 ...but beating da shiz out of it...
 ...seems to be important...
...cats can be so silly!
Thanks for stopping by
& supporting The Epilepsy Foundation
No More Butterflies program
thru your purchase of
The Devil Wears Polish
~ Inky

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Time for New Hair & Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!

Yes, it's that time again where I show you my latest dye job
& da mani I did to match it.

I do have to say that I wasn't as happy with this hair
as I've been with my previous dye jobs.
I blame Color Jam 2 Purple Passion
cuz that shiz ain't purple, it's red plum leaning maroon!

I still have 2 shades of pink & 2 shades of blue left over
from my annual summer multi-color dye left-overs fest.
Da purple from that dye job had pretty much faded out
& I had da usual 1" or so of grow out.

I bleached my fringe roots.
I applied Ion Brights Lavender to the top, sides & back fringe.
I applied Color Jam 2 Purple Passion
to da front & side fringes along with da back.

This is what I got...
...da left side...

 ...& da right side.
Da plumy maroon just ruins it for me.
I've decided to live with it for a week
& if it still bugs me I'll over dye da whole mess
with something else...maybe Electric Blue?

At least my nails turned out better!

 On my left hand I applied 2 buttery smooth coats of
I is in lurv with this dark blue violet 
rainbow fest of bountiful beauty!
(shown with one coat of Seche Vite)

 On my right hand I applied 2 coats of
(shown with 1 coat of Seche Vite)
My Ultimate Lemming for almost a year
has been a neon purple linear holo polish.
When XOXO, Jen sent me a pic of this polish
I dang near wet my knickers
& rushed off to buy me a bottle!
The color is EXACTLY what I wanted!!!
Alas, the formula was not.
I added thinner twice & that only got me
to the consistency of house paint.
(if you add too much thinner
you can cause the polish to fail in a horrible,
not wearable way, so be careful when using it)
So I added a lil clear, non-fast drying polish
& that at least thinned it enuf that I could get a 2nd coat on
w/o pulling off da previous gloppiesque coat.
It's still thicker than I like, but it's now wearable.
*le sigh*
I figures that when I finally get my paws on my ultimate lemming,
it's less than perfect.
I ordered 2 other polishes with Electric Violet
& hope they aren't as persnickety to apply.
A plus for the vendor is that one of those other bottles
got decapitated by da USPS
(toopid was well wrapped)
& she replaced it pronto.
On to da nail art!

I used Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia
with da large cable knit design
in da upper left corner of Vivid Lacquer plate VL 025
to stamp over Autumn Nights.
I used Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire
with da 2nd down on da left design
from Vivid Lacquer plate VL 026
to stamp over Electric Violet.
I like to wear a cozy sweater on those crisp Autumn Nights, don't you?
Funky & fun!
(My dentist liked this mani!
She told me so right before she pinned me to da chair
for over 2 hours as she filled 4 cavities. Blerg.)
If I redo my hair, I'll show you.
I haven't decided yet...
>^. .^<
 You should take care of your fangs, like I do, Meowmy!
A good chewing on catnip keeps dem clean
& makes me a happy Ciri.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Quickie ~ The Devil Wears Polish Heirloom Rose

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have a gorgeous multichrome holo for you
that was so drooliscious that I didn't even add nail art!
 This is 2 buttery luscious coats of 
It's a rich burgundy chrome
with a holo rainbow that is way more obvious IRL.
 Sun pic!
(I have to get sun pics while I can
cuz da gray days are coming back!
I love our un-sunny weather,
but it makes getting sun pics a pita.)
 Lookee what I found!
When in indirect light a coppery bronze
& old gold come out to play.
It's SO pretty!!!
This romantic vintage color beauty can be yours
as long as you're a member of da
Oh! No More Butterflies has been such a hit
that Tami is near to her donation goal.
She'd really like to reach that goal
& is keeping this LE beauty available for
So join da group if you haven't yet,
(& why haven't you joined yet?)
then go get your bottles of
plus pay NO SHIPPING in da USA!!!
>^. .^<
 You doing da claw thing again?
You should be rubbin' mah belly!
Ooooo...Ziggy likey!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Friday Franken ~ Wild Plum & Hot Ashes

Hello Dahlings!
One of the reasons I do this post is for my DPD Swishie
Da other is to show you my polish creations!
Some of my frankens are made from
already existing polishes that I mix together,
some are made from ready made polish
that I've added pigment or glitter to
& some are made from scratch
by adding pigments to polish base.
Today I have a couple of made from scratch polishes for you!
I get my frankening supplies from a few dif sources,
but my base & a lot of my pigments come from
was lamenting that most gitd polishes
are either neons that glow dif colors
or that odd milky yellowish white that glows greenish white.
Da gitds that are available in drugstores all over da US
starting this time of year thru' Oct. 31st are indeed limited
in both base color & glow color.
There are quite a few indie brands that now carry gitd polish
in all kinds of colors plus some have glitter for daylight fun.
But they do tend to have light color bases
and Tina craves her some vampy gitd.
What's a polish pal to do?
Mix it myself!
 Meet Hot Ashes & Wild Plum
These are made from scratch frankens
using pigments & base from Misfits on 8th
plus a wee bit of Reflections holo glitter
from da Michael's craft store.
Hot ashes is a medium gray crelly with silver holo bits.
Wild plum is a rich purple metallic.
 Both are rather thick to apply, have a bit of texture
& need da beejeebers shaken out of them
to make sure da gitd pigment is thoroughly dispersed...
it likes to settle to da bottom of da bottle.
Also, Wild Plum stains like a pita!
This pic was after nigh on 10 minutes of careful acetone scrubbing.
 Add a coat of Seche Vite & da sparklies come out to play!
It was getting late & my eyes were starting to cross,
so Lazy Wench Funky French was my nail art of choice.
 And of course it does this!
Hot Ashes glows aqua & Wild Plum glows a mossy green.
Not your average glow-in-the-dark polishes!
>^. .^<
I no needs gitd claws cuz I has gitd eyes!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weird Wednesday ~ Strike 1 2 3...NAIL FAIL!

Hello Dahlings!

I did not see this coming...
it's not that I'm so all that
that I can't make mistakes.
I make them all the time!
I just haven't had a nail fail of these proportions
in a rather long time.

 This is the site pic (taken underwater)
(If the page looks weird,
that's just StorEnvy being it's wonked self.)
It's a gorgeous multi chrome!

Strike 1: After applying black undies
(Ruby Kisses Pitch Black Darkness)
I only applied 1 coat of Nuclear Sunset.
I should have gone with 2
so da color would be deeper
& maybe show better.

Strike 2: This one isn't so much on me...
the sun went into to hiding for several days.
In the past I've gotten some decent multi chrome pics
by taking them in indirect light on a sunny day.
Mo matter what kind of other light I tried,
I couldn't get a good swatch pic...

 Ott & LED

 Ott with camera flash

gray day indirect near window
(this one almost works)
indirect from across da room & around a corner

So I decided to compound my errors
& try some nail are using She Sells Seashells
What could possibly go wrong?
I've successfully used them on several manis.
I added a coat of PBD to my ring & index nails
then applied da Fish Scale Full Nail stencil to ring
& da Unicorn sticker/stencil to index
I found trimming da full nail stencils
helps to get them to lie flat on da nail.
Then I added a coat of Nuclear Sunset to both nails...
Let me clarify that last step...
Strike 3: I applied da NS on my ring starting at da cuticle
(like you do),
however, I then got distracted for like a minute
by something on da telly
& this was long enuf for NS to start drying.
I then peeled da stencil off
starting at da tip of da nail.
So da tip came out fine,
but up by da cuticle
da dry-ish polish stuck to da stencil
& this made da stencil tear off in bits
rather than one piece.
I had to use tweezers to get da bits of vinyl off.
(note to self: when removing nail art stencils,
do it asap after applying polish
& pull them off from da same end
da polish is 1st applied to
or suffer embarrassing failure!)
As you can almost see,
I managed to pay attention
& properly remove da stencil
when doing da unicorn.
What happened to me was all my own fault
for not paying attention.
Da polish works great & so do da stencils! 
Oh well, if I can't be a good example,
I'll settle for being a horrible warning.
>^. .^<
As long as I'm showing you awkward things...
 Really Ziggy? That cannot be comfortable!
This pic just looks so wrong on so many levels.
Ziggy really isn't a 5 legged demonic blob, I promise!
That's much better!
Sort of...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Quickie ~ The Devil Wears Polish...Dang!

Hello Dahlings!
Are my US readers having bbqs, picnics & other Labor Day fun?
I sure hope so!
Yesterday was Mr. Inky & mine's 24th wedding anniversary
& tonight we're going to my fav foodie spot for dinner.
We haven't been there since my birthday
& I've been craving me some of their noms!
So what am I wearing on mah nails
for this most delightful of culinary adventures?

This is 2 flawless yummilicious coats of purple ecstasy.
I LOVE da blue violet flash inside da rainbows! 

 Yeah, I had to add a lil something
cuz wearing just one polish blingless
just isn't me, ya' know?

 Look at those beautiful rainbows in da sun!

You had to know this was coming!
I can't remember if these gitd cat water decals
are from Pueen thru Amazon
or from the Born Pretty Store, but both have them.

Have you ordered your bottle of No More Butterflies?
You only have until this Friday, September 5th!!!
All you gotta do is join The Devil Wears Polish FB group
Then go order No More Butterflies & all da other beauties
It's a no snark zone group
that's all about Tami's droolicious polishes.
(Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!)
>^. .^<

Ciri wishes he could go to da Blind Pig with us
or at least bring him a kitty bag.
Alas, we tend to chow it all down,
but maybe Mr Inky will let him have a lil yogurt
to make up for da disappointment?
It could happen!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky