Friday, July 3, 2015

My Style of Patriotism ~ 4th of July mani

Hello Dahlings!

Ok, so red, white & blue together is so not my thing,
but when I saw a polish that met several of my fancies
and would work for a 4th of July mani, I decide to do it.

I am diggin' this mani!
I started with white undies,
then added 2 coats of The Lady Varnishes Stay Puft
with marshmallow scent
& micro bits that show up well over a darker base color.
See why I needed this polish?
Normally I don't like scented polish,
but TLV's scents aren't overwhelming,
yet they linger for a few days
even after adding more polish & top coat.
I did these on Wednesday & I can still catch that sweet fragrance
if I put may nails right under my nose.
Da Comparison Line Up ~ LynB Designs Frosty Snot,
All nails got one coat of holo topper.
Pinky ~ Frosty Snot
This has been my go to holo top coat for night on 2 years
cuz it adds rainbows without silvering the base color.
Methinks it may have met it's match!
Ring ~ Magik
this is my new go to holo topper!
It gave me great rainbows over WHITE.
Middle ~ Dinglehopper
Not a bad topper, it just works better over darker colors,
plus it has REAL silver flakes in it that give it that extra POP.
Index ~ Halo TC
This one would be better over darker colors too.
Thumb ~ Holo Top Coat
This one leans more towards a scatter holo,
but it does get light linear rainbows.
Again, better over dark colors.
To give all of da contenders their due,
none of them silvered da white base color & that's a plus.
However, only Magik showed a strong rainbow.
Da winner!
Actually, Magik does have an edge over da others
as Mildred formulated it to go over her
but it also works beautifully over darker colors.
I'll be posting a mani using it over a darker base soon!
Da Final Line Up ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken,
TLV Stay Puft, Anonymous Lacquer Magik,
plus my beloved Creative Shop Stamper
stamping polishes & CSS from Beautometry
I used da starts & stripes full nail image
from this Bunnynails plate HD-A
Alas, Dulce had a family emergency last January
that caused her to close the shop & she hasn't reopened yet.
I do hope all is well with her, even if she isn't up to selling yet.
Yeah, I'm patriotic in da dark too!
This was the main reason I needed to add Stay Puft to my stash.
>^. .^<
Me likes da new patio chairs, Meowmy.
Dey REALLY comfy!
Day-yam it's hot!
Thanks for stopping by
& please have a SAFE
4th of July!
~ Inky

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Marriage Equality ~ Success! Nails to celebrate ~ Fail!

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani is supposed to be a celebrate & support thing,
but my idea didn't end up looking as cool on mah nails
as it did in mah head.
Oh well. It's da thought that counts, right?
 So I tried doing this layered gradient using
Anne Kathleen's Alumina, Lumina & Lenora.
You can sorta see da orange & green made
when da yellow overlaps da red & blue,
but da purple refuses to show more than a smidge.
This technique has promise,
but next time I need to use polish that is
more sheer, less thick & without sparkly bits.
At least it sorta does this too.
Da red glowed IRL life, but not as bright as da blue & yellow.
My mani may be a sorta fail,
but ALL consenting adults having equal protection under da law
when it comes to their committed relations ships is
>^. .^<
 Did something happen?
Oh, cats don't get married...
...but at least my aunties can get married now
& have it count everywhere they travel in da USA.
Dis is a good thing!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, June 29, 2015

CNT 52 week PNM ~ Skittles &/or Red & Pink

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tarts are doing skittle manis
&/or using red & pink polish.
I did this...
 Ever notice how sometimes a polish doesn't quite look
da same on da nail as it does in da bottle?
In da daylight lamp over my polishing table,
da pinky color looked way more red.
Da line up ~ Sassy Polish & Scrubs Merlot Madness,
& Weak In The Knees 2
pink ~ Merlot Madness
ring ~ Cherry Bomb
middle ~ Pinky Swear
index ~ Weak In The Knees 2
I stamped over my skittles using Chez Delaney Dentelle 001,
Nabi Metallic White & my beloved Creative Shop Stamper.
I really like this plate cuz some of da images are open ended
which works well with my long claws.
Even after cutting off a 1/4",
my nails are still too long to easily fit most full nail designs.
Oh well! #nailbloggerprobs
>^. .^<
 What's in here?
 Open sez MEOW!
Dese containers don't has cat treats in dem.
Why don't dese has cat treats in dem?
Thanks for stopping by
& please go check out da other Tart's nails!
~ Inky

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Hair with Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!
Yep! I dyed my hair again.
from their Neon Brights collection.
 Me likey!
 Lots of left over blue & fuchsia show thru IRL.
 I went with a shifting gradient & sugar skulls to match my hair.
 Da line up ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken;
Nabi gitds in Navy Blue 17, Purple 08 & Fuchsia 06;
LynB Designs Frosty Snot & Color Club Beyond for da stamping.
 After putting my white panties on, I sponged da gitds in a shifting gradient.
 Yep! They still work just fine after 2 years.
 I then added a coat of Frosty Snot linear holo topper.
Methinks another holo topper comparison may be due.
 I stamped using Sugar Bubbles plate SB023
Both from Beautometry.
 Yeah, I know...
 ...wicked kewl!
You may have noticed (or not)
that I've been doing a lot more stamping this year.
I'm da kind of peep that likes to learn about new things,
so researching my options when it came to stamping was a natural.
One of da things I learned was that MDU stamping polish is pretty popular,
but I also learned that some peeps were having issues with da distinct odor,
i.e. headaches & nausea,
so I opted to not try this brand.
Recently, Sara of Cuttin' Edge Nails,
decided to see if she could recreate da MDU formula.
Not to make it for retail sale, just to see if she could.
MDU refuses to release its ingredient list,
so nobody know for absolute certain what's in it,
but I think she came pretty damn close.
Her journey is an interesting one & da end result may shock you.
She's just telling about how she went about creating a stamping polish
that smells & performs like MDU. 
She is not bashing MDU!
You can read all about it in her blog post:
>^. .^<
 What's dat?
 Methinks I'll be playing with this now.
 I'm gonna get you!
 I has to kick da rug a few times to warm up.
Mission accomplished!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CNT 52 week PNM ~ Scales & Navy

Hello Dahlings!
This week's Tart nails featuring scales
& navy just fell together easy peasy!
 Fish & mermaids are kinda obvious
when scales & navy blue are pondered,
so I went with dragons!
 I started with 2 butterlicious coats of Anonymous Lacquer Blue Bloods
which is on sale RIGHT NOW!!!
You can't go wrong with Mildred's fantabulous polish on your nails!
 I then stamped using Messy Mansion plate MM21,
All 3 are from Beautometry.
I am really lovin' these Hit the Bottle stamping polishes!
They're fully opaque over dark colors, even da duo chromes,
plus they clean up well, so masking isn't required.
>^. .^<
 I is gunna to get dat shiny spot!
 ...ugh...I wants it!
 Meowmy? Gives me da shiny spot, pwease?
Fine, I just have to hunt it till it's mine.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share da lovies
with da other Tarts!
~ Inky

Friday, June 19, 2015

Lemming Squashed B-side ~ Max Factore Fantasy Fire pt 2

Hello Dahlings!
When planning my Fantasy Fire mani 
I had narrowed it down to 2 stamping options,
So I did both.
Today I have da not as successful version to show you.
It's not a total fail, it just doesn't have da wow factor
that this one did.
 See? Not horrible, just not great.
 Da line up ~ Whim LBD, Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark,
Max Factor Fantasy Fire
& Nabi Metallic Cinnamon for da stamping.
Da Nabi metallic are from a 30 pc set I got off Amazon last year
& I was very pleased to discover
that 27 of da 30 colors stamp very well!
Da 3 that don't stamp are more of a micro glitter in jelly
than a true opaque metallic.
This set is a great way to get lots of colors
that can be used as both base color
& be stamped with for a low price. R
ight now this set is $37.95US with free shipping.
That's only $1.27US per bottle!
I used plate BM-XL132 from Bundle Monster's new
Time Machine collection & of course my Creative Shop Stamper.
 Yep! Da SC gitd shows thru da Fantasy Fire just dandy.
>^. .^<
So a few months back
I was folding a bunch of cleaning towels I had just washed
when this happened...
 I see's a shiny!
 I wants it!
 It keeps changing shape. How it do dat?
 Where'd it go?
 Dere it is, hiding in da corner.
 What's up dere?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky